So many working actors use The Spotlight Club to uplevel their mindset + elevate their careers. 

They know how easy it is to slip into a negative mindset, and the value of having one place to go that provides the ongoing system, structure + support they crave, delivered month after month, all inside a sacred space for actors.

It’s Monthly Mindset, Meditation + Motivation….made easy.  

The Spotlight Club has helped so many actors enjoy inner + outer breakthroughs, as well as book next level work on major TV networks + for top film studios including: 

Paul kept his momentum going in The Spotlight Club and became a Series Regular…. 

Paul Karmiryan (one of my first members) has been a Spotlight Club Member for years + continues to use all of the tools + support to stay inspired + elevate his career. (Catch him next on Veronica Mars!)

After doing Wendy’s game-changing Success Breakthrough Workshop, continuing with The Spotlight Club was a way to stay connected and continually refresh and remember all of her powerful teachings! 

Wendy has a way of hitting the bull’s eye on various things that are going on in my life. It’s almost like she can read my mind.

 - Paul Karmiryan, Series Regular (In The Vault)  

I'm Ready!

The Spotlight Club has helped me (in London) to focus, stay inspired + cultivate a positive mindset.

The monthly audio is a delicious treat and has an uncanny ability to tune into exactly what you need. It’s really nice to have a community and a direct line to actors who are probably going through the same thing as me.

If you’re on the fence...The Spotlight Club is going to keep you rooted in all the work you’ve done. It keeps inspiring you. It’s so valuable. (And I love the Facebook Lives!)

The Spotlight Club has helped me here in London. It’s the actor’s universal experience and that’s always addressed.

- Joanna Eliot, London-Based Actress + Award Winning VO Artist

Suzanne Ford enjoys the process of growth inside The Spotlight Club + booked a Series Regular role.

Wendy’s Spotlight Club has helped me to continue the process of growth, and discovery + achieving more success.

It’s worth everything to be part of the ongoing community of Spotlight. What I like the most is that it’s dependable. Every month there’s something to look forward to + always helpful. It’s a catalyst.

Being a member is like having a support group whenever you need it….you don’t have to go anywhere, but you can talk to people + get expert advice.

It’s a wonderful way to communicate with other people who are in the same boat. I’m so thrilled I found the course + that it continues…

- Suzanne Ford

The meditations feel like they’re speaking directly to me...and you have this community to support you.

The meditations that come in every month...I feel like they’re speaking directly to me. It helps you to feel inspired on this path.

I literally just go  into Facebook for the Q + A’s. What I love about it is you don’t feel alone. It’s so wonderful to be part of this community + ask Wendy whatever you want + she will answer with a lot of love.

It’s great to have this mentor that understands what you’re going through and a community of actors who have the same dreams + aspirations as you do to support you.

Akari Endo
- Los Angeles-Based TV + Film Actress

The Spotlight Club brings solution-oriented focus to daily life. I know what coaching costs + this is a very reasonable investment.

It’s easy to take a course, get all wound up + forget about it. With Spotlight it keeps it fresh.

I wanted the wallpaper, I love the livestream + you need somebody to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.

I know what coaching costs + this is a very reasonable investment. It was worth it to me to have a continuation of that energy that started in the course.

Being in Spotlight is with a group of people who are in the solution, in a positive framework. It’s not a complaining club, it’s an uplifting club, It brings that solution-oriented focus to daily life.

- Nahanni Johnstone, Toronto + NYC-Based TV + Film Actress

If you feel like you’re falling off the path, you have the audios + support to stay on that path you were on.

Wendy’s Spotlight Club has helped me to continue to dig a little bit deeper.  

If you feel like you’re falling off the path, you have the audios + support to stay on that path you were on. Wendy is so inspiring. Everything for actors out there) is just about your acting or your look. it’s not focused on you.  

The Spotlight Club focuses on you, making you better...which makes you a better actor. 

- Kyle Mattocks

Wendy’s Spotlight club has helped me get back in the zone + makes a profound difference in how you feel about yourself.

If I start feeling crappy or thinking I can’t do this…it gets you back into that inspired loving place. When you get the monthly reminders and you pause, you shift back into “I remember this - all of those positive, life-changing feelings I need to be feeling…"  

The Spotlight Club makes me feel like I’m part of a community that cares about each others’ success. Making the world a better place + living their best life.  

It’s going to make a profound difference in how you feel about yourself and how you feel about your dreams, goals + aspirations, and therefore, your whole life. Your whole life will change around you. 

- Alison Freed

The Spotlight Club is such a worthy investment. It makes me feel full of light. 

Getting the monthly tools are fantastic, because the timing is always perfect. Wendy asks what we need, and then that next meditation comes in and it’s so helpful.  

It’s a worthy investment. If you let things slip you can slide really quickly into a deep dark hole. The Spotlight Club helps me be on top of that every day.  

It’s a positive thing in your inbox every month. Spotlight Club is unique to actors…the messages, the support, the guided meditations...are so very specific for actors...  

It’s helped me stay on top of taking care of myself, and things come when you do that. 

- Heather Horton

It can be easier. The Spotlight Club has given me the tools.  

The hardest part about being an actor is your head. I would beat myself up…after an audition, between jobs, not wanting to take vacations. It’s like you’re on that rat wheel and you can’t get off.  

This has got to stop. It can be easier. There are tools. I now have a huge audio library + certain ones I use all the time.

A lot of the actor tools out there are about “how to get them to like you.” 

The Spotlight Club is about you creating your own life and your own relationship to yourself, your art and the business. 

- Sarah Dacey Charles

The Spotlight Club has helped me feel connected, grounded + reminds me of what’s important. 

My hesitation with Spotlight were just time…and cost, and yet what I’ve learned about cost, is if I invest in something that is tugging at my heart, the Universe will find a way to make it happen.  

I love getting the monthly gifts….they always seem to be exactly what I need.  

It’s so supportive + so loving, it makes me feel a little brighter + makes me feel like there are other people I can walk with on this path.  

A great way to set your week, set your day, feel connected with community + feel like you’re not alone. 

- Laurel Harris  

Join like-minded actors + imagine month after month saying this...

I'm Ready!

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